Spanish Week

April 28, 2023 | admin

Spain is in the spotlight all week long at LFT thanks to our two Spanish teachers, Belen Huarte and Sandra Deshayes!

Spanish initiation workshops for primary students led by secondary students, soccer games, talent contests, film voiceover contests, poem contests, cooking contests, etc. From kindergarten through grade 12, the students embraced the Spanish culture and language.

A big thank you to all of our Spanish speakers parents who actively participated in this great week and shared their experiences and expertise in Spanish with our students.

The Terminale students had the opportunity to learn from Mr. Del Coso about the Spanish and Latin American economy and Mr. Jimenez about Spanish politics. Ms Couto, Director of the Toronto Tourism Office, was the guest speaker for the 1ère students. The 5ème students enjoyed cooking classes with Ms. Gil, Ms. Landaburu and Ms. De Vicente and the 4ème students learned all about chocolate from Mr. Lillo. Finally, the 3ème students deepened their knowledge about Mexico with Mrs. Alvarado.

Thank you all for a wonderful week!Discover some pictures of this wonderful week on our Social Media channels !