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By proposing the learning excellence of the French Ministry of Education strongly anchored in Toronto life and Canadian culture, our school offers students the best of both cultures. The LFT is the only school in Toronto accredited by the French Ministry of Education from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12.

For 25 years, the academic curriculum, language program and professionalism of our team have made our reputation in Toronto and within the Agency for French Education Abroad network (AEFE).  

Our school benefits from 520 students, 380 families and 100 staff of more than 30 different nationalities. Our community is supportive, respectful and caring. The values of fraternity and togetherness are at the heart of our identity and learning philosophy.

Experience the French education system


A chart of Key Numbers. 57% Canadian students, 30% French students, 6% students with double nationalities and 7% students of other nationalities. More than 30 nationalities


Prepare our Students for the Future

Based on the internationally recognized French curriculum, our innovative learning approach places a strong emphasis on in-depth learning of subjects and bilingualism from Kindergarten onwards. At each stage of their school years, our students develop both their personal and social skills as well as their intellectual openness. They deepen their knowledge in academic disciplines through instruction and numerous cultural projects.  

With a fluency in 3 languages in Grade 12 and the recognition of the French Baccalauréat, our students get into the leading North American and European universities such as Harvard University, University Of Toronto, McGill University, Columbia University, Paris Dauphine, Sciences Po and École Polytechnique. 

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