Serving the needs of the whole student

School Life at LFT starts in the classroom and naturally extends to all extra-curricular athletics, after school clubs, daycare and study hall. LFT makes every effort to create a school life environment that is safe and serves the needs of the whole student. 

    The "Vie Scolaire" department

    Led by the Dean of Students (CPE), the Vie Scolaire department serve the well-being of every student. This group of professionals supervises the safety and security of all students on campus. From the halls to the lunchroom, to welcoming new students, the Vie Scolaire department is a group of friendly, helpful and attentive faces.

    Its mission is the following:

    • safety and respect for school rules;
    • management and follow-up of absences, exchanges with families as a result of them;
    • support of students in liaison with teachers and the administration;
    • personal assistance:  taking into account individual difficulties in conjunction with the family and educational teams;
    • recognition and handling of collective issues, or conflicts.



    Vie Scolaire department
    Tel: 416-924-1789 Ext: 235

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