Board of Directors

The Lycée Français de Toronto is a private, not-for-profit institution under Canadian law. Under contract with the Agence pour l'Enseignement Français de l'Étranger (AEFE), the LFT is managed by the Board of Directors and the Head of School. This body administers LFT, prepares the budget and defines strategy. 

The Board of Directors has legal responsibility for:

  • financial operations (including those involving capital management, costly operational budgets and fundraising),
  • real estate management,
  • security for all school activities,
  • staff under local contract (as an accredited AEFE school, LFT also hosts staff under French contract). In collaboration with the Head of School and the Directorates, the Board of Directors defines the school's strategic orientations in order to ensure its continuity.

The Board of Directors is composed of nine volunteer members: six representatives of parents, two staff representatives and one individual (appointed by the directors who may enhance the influence of LFT).

The observers members are: the Head of School, the Consul General of France in Toronto, the Cultural Attaché from the Consulate of France in Toronto, the Primary School and Secondary School Vice Principals, the Director of Administrative and Finance and the director of Admissions and Communication.  

As a parent, you are a member of the Corporation and have one vote per child enrolled at LFT. Your presence at the Annual General Meeting in November is necessary to elect your new directors and ensure the democratic functioning of the organization, in accordance with our bylaws.


Mr. Tudor ALEXIS

Consul General of France — Honorary chairman

Mrs. Séverine BIDERMAN


Mrs. Elke RUBACH

Vice Chairwoman (HR Committee)

Mr. Grégoire de MIERRY


Mrs. Sonia LÉVIN

Secretary (Governance Committee)

Mrs. Charlotte APPS

Parent (Strategic planning Committee)






Parent (Fundraising Committee)

Mrs. Alienor ROUGEOT


Mrs. Barbara MARTIN, Head of School

Mr. Hadrien LAROCHE, Cultural Attaché, Consulate General of France in Toronto

Contact the Board, you can send an email to :

by-laws Convention with AEFE 2021 Financial statement  30 November 2021 — AGM PRESENTATION 


Conseil d'établissement

The Conseil d’établissement is the main authority that manages the pedagogical and educational functioning of the LFT. It is responsible for primary and secondary schools.

In preparing its tasks and decisions, the conseil d’établissement acts in coordination with the other boards:  the conseil d'école, the international section council, the pedagogical council, the council of teachers, the primary school – middle school council, and the continuing education commission.

Based on preparatory work, and upon proposals by the Head of School: 

  • It adopts the School Project, school rules, school schedules and calendars, the annual education plan for university guidance, the staff professional development plan, the prevention of violence and bullying, the composition of the boards and councils in the school
  • It issues decisions about the evolution of the curriculum offered at the school, employment and hiring, health and safety issues, specific missions entrusted to teachers, the organization of student educational life, school trips, etc.

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Conseil d’école

The Conseil d’école, based upon proposals by the Primary School Director: 

  • Votes on the primary school rules.
  • Establishes the project for the pedagogical organization of the school week.
  • In the framework of the development of the school project with which it is associated, makes all decisions and presents all the suggestions about the functioning of the school.
  • Decides on the proposal of learning staff for the pedagogical part of the school project. 
  • Based on these elements, adopts the school project.

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