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The high school curriculum is designed to allow all students to develop rigorous and autonomous work habits, build a robust general culture, and specialize in subject areas of their choice. In Grade 11 (première) and Grade 12 (terminale), the ratio of specialized courses, alongside common core courses, increases. Three levels of English courses are available. Beside French and English, another modern language (LVB) is mandatory, and a fourt language is available as an elective (LVC) starting in grade 10: Spanish, German, Mandarin and Italian. 

High school students receive individualized guidance from their teachers and our University Counselor, specialized in international higher education institutions, particularly in North America and Europe.

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During the three years of high school, students may have up to 40 hours of weekly instruction and related personal work. An academic year in high school is made of three equal terms and three reports of the student's work and grades.

Parents can meet with teachers during scheduled parent-teachers night or anytime by appointment. They are regularly updated about their student’s academic progress via the Pronote software or during individual meeting.

In addition to the support provided by the faculty, students are also accompanied by the University counsellor, the university counsellor, the Secondary Director and the Head of School.


Grade 10 (seconde) is a keystone year during which students consolidate their general culture, develop their autonomy and test their interests and aptitudes before choosing their specialization. All students have a common core of courses.

Grades 11 (première) and 12 (terminale) are the final years of the French curriculum. Mandatory courses include common core subjects as well as the specialties chosen by the student (3 specialties in Grade 11, reduced to 2 in Grade 12) which determine a pathway that is consistent with the student’s interests and goals. The French Baccalaureate is the culmination of the 2 final years of high school.

Elective courses are offered throughout high school: cinema studies, visual arts, Latin antiquity, and 4th language.

The International American Section is open to French and English-speaking students who have a special interest in literature and appreciate a variety of learning methods. This section is optional and compatible with other electives.

American International Section Learn more about Middle School

Grade 10 (2nde)
Mandatory Subjects
French 5 h
Mathematics 4 h
Language A:  English
(groups according to linguistic origin of students)
5 h
Language B:  Spanish, German, Mandarin, Italian
(groups will be opened with sufficient enrollment)
3 h
Physics — Chemistry 3 h
Biology 1.5 h
Economics 1.5 h
Technology 1.5 h
Physical Education 2 h
History — Geography — Ethics and Civics 3.5 h
Personalized Support (2 teachers) 1 h


Optional Subjects
International American Section
(Compatible with above subjects: associated with “Language & Literature” English group & substitution of history – geography in English)

5 h English

4 h HG (bilingual)

1 subject of choice:
  • Language C:  Italian or Mandarin
  • Cinema-audiovisual
  • Art
3 h
Language and Culture of Antiquity:  Latin
Available on its own or in addition to one of the optional subjects above 
3 h
Grades 11 (1ère) & 12 (tle)
Mandatory Subjects Weekly hours in grade 11 (1re) Weekly hours in grade 12 (tle)
French 5 h
Philosophy 4 h
Langue A: English
(groups according to linguistic origin of students)
5 h 5 h
Language B:  Spanish or German 3 h 3 h
History — Geography 3 h 3 h
Science 2 h 2 h
Ethics and civics 0.5 h 0.5 h
Specialty Courses
3 elective courses:  3 in Grade 11, reduced to 2 in Grade 12, selection at the LFT (on condition of an enrollment of at least 5 in Grade 11):
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Economics and social sciences
  • History—geography, geopolitics & political science
  • Digital & computer science
  • Literature, humanities et philosophy
  • Literature, languages and cultures of Antiquity
  • Modern language & culture (Spanish or German)
3 x 4 h 2 x 6 h
Personalized support 1 h 1 h


Optional Courses Weekly hours in grade 11 (1re) Weekly hours in grade 12 (tle)
International American Section (preparation of international option of Baccalaureate)
(compatible with above courses: “OIB” English group and History-Geography taught in English)
5 h English

4 h bilingual HG
5 h English

4 h bilingual HG 
1 optional course (continuation of course chosen in Grade 10)
  • Language C:  Italian or Mandarin
  • Cinema-audiovisual
  • Visual arts
3 h 3 h
Language & culture of Antiquity:  Latin
Continuation of course chosen in Grade 11, alone or in addition to another optional course
3 h 3 h
1 optional course (only in Grade 12 - tle):
  • Supplementary mathematics
    (for students who don’t choose mathematics as a specialty course in Grade 12 – tle)
  • Expert mathematics
    (for students who don’t choose mathematics as a specialty course in Grade 12 – tle)
  • Law and major challenges of the modern world
  3 h
Events and School Trips

Our location offers many opportunities for cultural and educational activities outside of the classroom in both French and English.

Secondary school, projects, trips.


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