Alumni Panel

April 23, 2021 |

Manon Coquille, Philippe Trop, Emma Fong-Lesage and Julie Béguet, 20' alumni, virtually came to visit our senior students to talk about their journey at LFT, their choice of higher education and their new student life.

During their high school years, they received advice from their elders and shared their experiences with our future graduates. #LFTeam #SchoolSpirit

Manon is pursuing her studies at the I'IÉSEG School of Management. Philippe is studying at the University of Toronto and working part-time in a hospital. Emma is at McGill University. Julie decided to take a gap year before pursuing her graduate studies. After 2 months in Edinburgh, she is currently working in a radio station.

Thanks to Carrie Ngo, our guidance counselor, and with the support of our professor of philosophy, the LFT alumni network grows every year.