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The LFT Covid-19 protocol was developed based on Ontario’s guidelines for re-opening schools, the guidance from Toronto Public Health and SickKids.

It has been tailored to reconcile our expectations of safety and quality of education, as well address the concerns of our families and staff.

The health of our students, our staff and our community is at the heart of our concerns and we are taking all necessary steps to ensure their safety. 

The LFT protocol

Latest LFT messages 

The protocol may be updated in the coming weeks as the situation evolves. We follow official directions and announcements on a daily basis to adapt our procedures. This webpage page and your parent portal will be updated accordingly.

To view our latest messages, log in to the parent portal.

Parent Portal

Reminder of Public Health Measures

Symptoms of coronavirus can be the same as those presented during a common or severe respiratory illness (fever, cough and difficulty breathing). In order to limit any propagation, we recall the basic hygiene measures recommended by the Government. 

Symptoms of coronavirus The basic hygiene measures

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