End of the year shows

June 28, 2023 | admin

The end of the year is always a time for students to perform, and proudly showcase their work.

Kindergarten, CP, CE1 and CE2 students put on a colorful show at the school fun fair. CM1 students performed their play 'Erwin et Grenouille', while CM2 presented the musical 'Annie', in front of a large, enthusiastic audience at the Alliance Francaise de Toronto. And last but not least, Club Théâtre students performed a play co-written with their teacher.

The practice of the performing arts is a powerful asset in a child's education, helping to develop memory, self-confidence, public speaking and team spirit.

A huge thank you to our primary school teachers, and to Leslie Bonniveau, drama teacher and Miss Jesson, Performing Arts teacher, for making this collective adventure possible for our students and helping them explore their creativity!