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Books sale – Bourse aux livres

A books sale is organized every year on the last Monday of the school year, from 3:30 to 6:00pm, in the gymnasium.
It concerns Grade 2 to 12.
Only textbooks and novels can be sold at the sale.
The lists of textbooks that will be used in the following year are posted on the website one week before the event.

Please note that exchange and sale of textbooks are strictly between parents and students only, not through the LFT. Bring some change for your transactions.

Attention! You may not find all textbooks at the books sale.
You will need to check with the new lists and go to MARENTREE to purchase your missing items.

Bourse aux livres 2017 : Monday, June 19th
Please find below the lists of textbooks that can be sold or purchased at the books sale :

Classe de CE1 / Grade 2
Classe de CE2 / Grade 3
Classe de CM1 / Grade 4
Classe de CM2 / Grade 5
Classe de 6ème / Grade 6
Classe de 5ème / Grade 7
Classe de 4ème / Grade 8
Classe de 3ème / Grade 9
Classe de 2nde / Grade 10
Classe de 1ère / Grade 11
Classe de Terminale / Grade 12

Books and supplies for 2017-2018

Please find below the lists of textbooks and supplies you will be able to purchase online at :

Attention : the deadline to place your order is July 9th at midnight.

Click on the grade to see the list. If you have any question, please contact us at :

Primary School (École Primaire) :
CP – grade 1 ; CE1 – grade 2 ; CE2 – grade 3 ; CM1 – grade 4 ; CM2 – grade 5

Middle School (Collège) :
6ème – grade 6 ; 5ème – grade 7 ; 4ème – grade 8 ; 3ème – grade 9

High School (Lycée)
Seconde – grade 10 ; 1ère ES – grade 11 ; 1ère S – grade 11 ; Terminale ES – grade 12 ; Terminale S – grade 12

School supplies for Kindergarten

List of items for school year 2017-2018 :

Classe de Petite Section / Pre-K
Classes de Moyenne et Grande Section / JK and SK


Uniform with LFT logo is mandatory. It can be purchased online at

White polo for field trips : PK to Grade 5
Blue T-Shirt for sports : Grade 1 to 12
Blue Hoodies for sports : Grade 6 to 12

Delivery at LFT is an option, please call Inschoolwear for details.


Don’t forget to label all you child(ren) books and supplies. You will support the APA (Parents Association) in contacting Mabelslabels

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